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Top Toddlers Love Hurley Hippo (Bath Toy Storage Organizer)

Make your child’s bath time fun with Hurley Hippo the bath toy holder.

Product Description: Hurley Hippo Bath Toy Storage Organiser (Blue) 

Age Range:  6 months and up

Price:  $17.99

Cheapest place to buy:

Size Dimensions:  38x1x33.5 cm

Other: No assembly required

My Rating:  9/10

Tidy Hurley is a bright, cheerful blue happily hanging at the side of the tub waiting patiently for the fun to begin with the toys he’s looking after. Your child will love to share bath time with Hurley and all his tidy toys! Continue reading →

Toddlers Love Learning With Their Own LETTERSAURUS

If your tiny tot loves dinosaurs… this one will certainly be added to the toddler’s top toys cute club!


Product Description: Leapfrog Lettersaurus  Lettersaurus2

Age Range:  12 months – 36 months

Price:  $37.69

Cheapest place to buy:

Size Dimensions:  11.3 x 25.7 x 18.6 cm

Other: Batteries supplied.

My Rating:  9/10


Lettersaurus the dinosaur loves to help little learners develop their imagination and curiosity, by exploring a range of interactive letter names, letter sounds, colours, songs and music. This playful, little prehistoric reptile is bright and cheerful in purple and green, with blue, red, yellow and green alphabet buttons running along his spine and down his tail.

Roaring along with this lively, interactive dinosaur… will support your toddler to master their ABC, Colours and a long list of Nursery Rhymes and tunes. When each of the 26 colourful letter buttons is pressed, your child is rewarded with a familiar tune. Continue reading →