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Toddler’s Play, Learning, Behaviour And Toys!

Aren’t They Just So Cute?

Well pretty much most of the time they are! But your toddler is in a really rapid stage of growth, development and exploration.

Boy & PumpkinToddlers find themselves at a stage where they are starting to understand what you are saying, although they may not have the ability to express themselves verbally by piecing thoughts and words together.

Toddlers are busy absorbing their world and it’s a mighty big and overwhelming world for such a small person. So learning through play is a vitally important part of their development.

You might find that this will be a time when your child has extreme outbursts of foot stomping, body squirming and running rampant! But favourite fun learning toys for toddlers can be useful tools for redirection when tiredness or frustration kicks in. Continue reading →

Sensory Play and Toddler Development

Sensory play allows toddlers to reinforce their learning by stimulating their senses and encouraging them to explore the world around them.

Using their five senses is the most basic and familiar method toddlers can use to investigate andChild & Dandelion discover new information.

Activities which use touch, taste, seeing, smelling and hearing should be regularly encouraged.

Research has shown that nerve connections (neural pathways) are built in the brain’s pathways during sensory play and this level of growth is crucial to a toddler’s ability to complete increasingly more complex tasks. Continue reading →