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Archer Trading Foldable Tabletop Easel

Double Sided, Magnetic Chalkboard and Whiteboard EaselArcher Trading Tabletop Easel


Price:  £39.99   NOW  £25.99

Age Range:  3 years and up

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  45.8 x 34.8 x 5.6cm

My Rating:  4.75 *


    An excellent easel when space is limited!

This multi-purpose beech wood easel can be used on its stand, flat on the floor or on a table and is the ideal choice if space is limited. Along with the easel this package includes, 2 x erasers, 1 x paper roll, 1 x storage bag, 10pcs chalks, 25pcs magnetic shape blocks, magnetic alphabets, magnetic numbers and 15pcs pattern template paper cards.

“My little one now spends hours away from his tablet enjoying good, old fashioned fun on her foldable easel!” Continue reading →

Hape HAP-E1010 Easel

Wooden All-In-One EaselHape All In One Easel


Price:  £75.99    NOW £46.57

Age Range:  3 years – 12 years

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions: 71.9 x 61 x 14cm

My Rating:  4.5 *

         Encourage imagination and creativity!

Expand your little one’s inner artist with this stable, solidly made double sided easel with extendable legs. This item is easily cleaned, easy to assemble and has enough space for two toddlers to play/work happily separately or together. Continue reading →

Tikk Tokk Boss Junior Easel

Wooden 4-in-1 Art and Craft Easel

Price:  £39.99

Age Range:  3 years and up

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions: 95 x 49.4 x 5cm

My Rating:  4.5 *

 Boost your toddler’s creativity!Tikk Tokk Junior Easel

Cultivate your toddler’s artistic tendencies and fine motor skills development through drawing, painting, learning to write and storytelling. This modern upgrade of an old classic easel will enable your toddler’s curiosity and imagination to fly!

This well-made easel can be folded up when not in use and incorporates a magnetic chalkboard, a white board with a paper clip and spill proof tray for paint pots. Accessories included in this package are whiteboard markers and eraser, magnets, chalks and paint pots. Continue reading →

Is Art And Craft Important For Toddlers?

Although arts and crafts often fit together, they are very different processes.

Art involves unstructured activities that are explored in your imagination, whereas craftwork usually involves structured activities with a specific goal or end product.

‘When children participate in both arts and crafts, creativity and imagination receive strong stimulation’, states the Americans for the Arts website.

Most toddlers are not self-conscious when enjoying an art or craft session and are rarely focused on creating a finished product. Continue reading →

Art and Craft Easels For Toddlers

Why is art and craft important for toddlers?

Most toddlers are not self-conscious when enjoying an art or craft session and are rarely focused on creating a finished product. Young children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent innovative ways of thinking, which extend well beyond the craft room.

All the products reviewed have been chosen for their superior quality and are designed to inspire exploration, fuel imagination and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning!




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Tikk Tokk

Boss Junior Easel

Tikk Tokk


3 Years +

95 x 49.4 x 5 cm

Archer Trading

Foldable Table Top Easel

Archer Trading


NOW £25.99

3 Years +

45.8 x 34.8 x 5.6 cm


Hape HAP

All-In-One Easel

Hape HAP


NOW £47.84

3 Years - 12 Years

71.9 x 61 x 14 cm


PLEASE NOTE: Easels for toddlers should ALWAYS be used under the direct supervision of an adult.


Melissa and Doug Classic Bead Maze

Large Wooden Bead Maze For Activity Play

Price: (Was £32.99) NOW – £31.49Classic bead maze

Age Range:  12 month – 3 years

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 12 inches.

My Rating:  4.5 *

An eye-catching activity to grip your child’s imagination!   

This classic toy features 18 brightly colored solid wood beads and 3 coordinating maze wires that turn, twist and provide endless play opportunities. Your child will delightedly race the beads across the wires swooping and sliding, identifying colors, patterns, counting shapes and sizes. Continue reading →

Lewo Bead Maze For Activity Play

Large Wooden, My First Bead Maze   (Lewo Toys)

lewo-bead-mazePrice:  £15.99

Age Range:  3 years >

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  8.7 x 5.6 x 8.7 inches 

My Rating:  4.5 *


A firm favourite for toy boxes!

With superior quality craftsmanship this entertaining, educational toy is brightly colored, sturdy and has safely rounded edges to avoid harm to little fingers. There are red, yellow and blue colored maze tracks with different sized color and shaped beads to easily move around. Along with the traditional round beads, colourful butterfly, bee and snail beads can fly around the tracks at your child’s command. Continue reading →

Kitchen Sets For Imaginative Play

Imaginative play for toddlers is often described as pretend play and generally begins between 18 and 24 months.

Imaginative play acting enables a child to test out problem solving and decision-making skills by practicing their social skills in a safe, protective arena. Your toddler will be able to build confidence and self-esteem by discovering that anything is possible just by pretending!





Age Range


Cheapest Place To Buy

My Rating

My Rating

Leomark Wooden

Kitchen Set

Leomark Toys


3 Years +

60 x 30 x 75 cm

(Assembly required)

Little Tikes Cook 'N Store Kitchen (Red)

Little Tikes


3 Years +

28 x 34 x 75 cm

(No assembly required)

Lelin Modern Wooden Kitchen Set

Lelin Toys


3 Years +

64 x 30 x 78 cm

(Assembly required)



Lelin Kitchen Set For Imaginative Play

Lelin: Child’s Wooden Modern Kitchen Set with Pots and Pans.

Lelin kitchen set


Price:   £79.99

Age Range:   3 years +

Cheapest place to buy:   Amazon

Dimensions:  64 x 30 x 78 cms  (Assembly required)

My Rating:  5.0 *

Imagine, create, conjure and cook!

A very good quality kitchen set with doors, buttons and knobs to keep toddlers intrigued and occupied with much positive, imaginative play.

Inquisitive toddlers love to copy familiar adults doing everyday chores and this kitchen set includes an oven, hob, sink, cupboard and shelves, enough items to enable plenty of kitchen chores for little fingers to practice and accomplish. Continue reading →

Little Tikes Kitchen Set For Imaginative Play

Little Tikes: Cook ‘n Store Kitchen (Red)Little Tikes Kitchen Set

Price:   £59.99

Age Range:    3 years +

Cheapest place to buy:   Amazon

Dimensions:  28 x 34 x 75 cm    (No assembly required)

My Rating:  4.0 *


An ideal kid-sized kitchen for hours of fun!

This plastic kitchen set does not need assembly, it can be packed away and taken out when required for play sessions. This play kitchen is a desirable choice when space is at a premium as it can be compactly stored.

When set up the kitchen has plenty of storage for all the 32 accessories that are included in the package. These include plates, cups, silverware, pans, cooking utensils, play food and spices. This unit also comprises an oven and hob with clicking knobs, along with spinning shelves for storage. Continue reading →