About Me


I’m Sue and I am really pleased to welcome you to Toddler’s Top Toys…

I have spent many years researching, selecting and of course… playing with a huge selection of children’s toys!

As Albert Einstein declared,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

I have set up and run my own successful early years Daycare Centre and also worked as manager of a Children’s Centre. I found that over this 20-year period I had developed a passion for instilling strong curiosity and an active imagination in young children.

I always found it so rewarding to watch them master new concepts, from a toddler picking up and matching coloured bricks, to a pre-schooler managing to put his coat on or recognising the letters in her name.

I have worked closely with parents, carers and children of all ages and…Baby Playmat

“Is it really important to keep my child curious?”

 …was the question I was constantly asked, by often hassled and exhausted parents close to the end of their patience.

My particular interest developed into supporting parents with understanding the link between the importance of play and positive child development.

After running regular Positive Play courses and having parents returning and recommending their friends, I was asked if I could make the material available to parents out of my locality.

So the idea of starting this site on the internet was born.

I will be guiding you around the best age appropriate toys and equipment for your child, supported by high quality reviews to explain the importance of creative, imaginative play to your child’s positive development.

My intention is to help you find Toddler’s Top Toys to stimulate imagination and curiosity in your child, but I am also here to help with any queries you may have.

So please feel free to leave a question or comment and I will endeavor to give you a clear answer to your questions.

Happy Hunting through the leading Toddler’s Top Toys!

As always, have fun with your toddler…  Sue  🙂