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Lelin Kitchen Set For Imaginative Play

Lelin: Child’s Wooden Modern Kitchen Set with Pots and Pans.

Lelin kitchen set


Price:   £79.99

Age Range:   3 years +

Cheapest place to buy:   Amazon

Dimensions:  64 x 30 x 78 cms  (Assembly required)

My Rating:  5.0 *

Imagine, create, conjure and cook!

A very good quality kitchen set with doors, buttons and knobs to keep toddlers intrigued and occupied with much positive, imaginative play.

Inquisitive toddlers love to copy familiar adults doing everyday chores and this kitchen set includes an oven, hob, sink, cupboard and shelves, enough items to enable plenty of kitchen chores for little fingers to practice and accomplish. Continue reading →

Little Tikes Kitchen Set For Imaginative Play

Little Tikes: Cook ‘n Store Kitchen (Red)Little Tikes Kitchen Set

Price:   £59.99

Age Range:    3 years +

Cheapest place to buy:   Amazon

Dimensions:  28 x 34 x 75 cm    (No assembly required)

My Rating:  4.0 *


An ideal kid-sized kitchen for hours of fun!

This plastic kitchen set does not need assembly, it can be packed away and taken out when required for play sessions. This play kitchen is a desirable choice when space is at a premium as it can be compactly stored.

When set up the kitchen has plenty of storage for all the 32 accessories that are included in the package. These include plates, cups, silverware, pans, cooking utensils, play food and spices. This unit also comprises an oven and hob with clicking knobs, along with spinning shelves for storage. Continue reading →

Leomark Kitchen Set For Imaginative Play

Leomark: Children’s Role Play Wooden Kitchen Set

Price:   £67.00Leomark Kitchen Set

Age Range:  3 years +

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  60 x 30 x75 cm    (Assembly required)

My Rating:  4.5 *

        A positive addition to any toddler’s playroom!

A sturdy, free-standing, wooden kitchen set which arrives with all mod-cons, including a cooker, clock and sink. To get a sense of being in a working kitchen, cutlery, pots and pans are included.

This fantastic kitchen set will ignite any budding chef’s imagination and provide hours of role-playing fun! Continue reading →

Top Toddlers Love Hurley Hippo (Bath Toy Storage Organizer)

Make your child’s bath time fun with Hurley Hippo the bath toy holder.

Product Description: Hurley Hippo Bath Toy Storage Organiser (Blue) 

Age Range:  6 months and up

Price:  $17.99

Cheapest place to buy:

Size Dimensions:  38x1x33.5 cm

Other: No assembly required

My Rating:  9/10

Tidy Hurley is a bright, cheerful blue happily hanging at the side of the tub waiting patiently for the fun to begin with the toys he’s looking after. Your child will love to share bath time with Hurley and all his tidy toys! Continue reading →