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From Baby To A Toddler!

Dad swimming baby Relish the joy of parenthood as you watch your baby grow up!

You can clearly see that raising her is getting more challenging!

Every day she learns more about the world and how to cope in it.

Not to mention, she is busy proving that she has a mind of her own!

Parenthood can be stressful!

Although it can bring some of the best perks you can imagine, the fun, the growth and the love.Toddler in woods

It can bring also more than its fair share of hard-work and frustration.

Positive parenting involves everything from being patient to setting limits.

It isn’t always about what we teach and actively join in.

Just as importantly, being a parent should also involve taking a backseat and simply encouraging and enjoying our toddler’s curiosity in their imaginative pursuits.

Go with the flow…

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Toddlers and Shopping

Whilst in the supermarket yesterday, I heard a tired sounding mom asking her howling toddler, ‘Why are you making shopping so difficult today?’

Toddlers don’t realise that shopping has to be done and… ‘NO’, mom can’t leave you behind at home to carry on playing with your new truck. Oh, and then we have to collect your sister from school.  Aaargh!

Boy with toy carWhen life starts to intrude on the idea that his ‘universe’ should revolve entirely around him, this is the time that your toddler should start to learn about consequences.

Although at this age we normally call it – sharing.

If I let Jonny play with my truck, then I might get a ‘go’ with his new football?

Yes, sharing normally begins as a very self-serving skill. This is not a problem as long as parents play fair and share equally too.

Sharing is usually a good method of distraction.

With young children it’s more acceptable to them, if both parties have something to be ‘swopped’. Continue reading →

5 Ways To Encourage Your Toddler’s Confidence

I was enjoying a sunny day walking around the park and stopped to watch the ducks.

Sitting on the bench with my eyes closed savouring the peace and quiet thinking what to cook from dinner, when I was interrupted by two small boys with their moms in tow.

Toddler feeding ducksListening to the parenting styles of the two moms who were clearly good friends, it was surprising to me that they had such differing opinions on the level of responsibility each allowed their own toddler.

One boy was allowed to stand near to the edge of the lake and throw bread for the ducks.

His mom explained carefully where to stand, how to stay safe and encouraged him to enjoy himself. Whilst staying close and watching over him.

Whereas her friend was very worried and negative, telling her son not to do this or that and wouldn’t allow him near the water.

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Matching And Sorting For Toddlers

Why is matching and sorting important?

Learning these important key skills as a toddler will begin to develop your child’s cognitive ability and initial number skills. This will stimulate and improve memory, concentration and language skills giving your child, a head start when starting at school.

Stacking TrainMatching and sorting is an effective activity to develop fine motor control, coordination and concentration. Developing competent matching skills will enable toddlers to begin to recognise letters and sounds in order to expand their language skills and vocabulary.

Threading cotton reels or chunky bead, sorting shapes and stacking bricks are all valuable activities to enable your toddler to refine cognitive ability and fine motor skills.

Toddlers learn through play and repeating the same activities again and again. So, it is important to provide positive play opportunities to develop these skills.

Your toddler will enjoy sorting items and become increasingly more capable in matching them to comparable items or identifying colour or function. This success will continue to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Ideas for Matching and Sorting…

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Is Art And Craft Important For Toddlers?

Although arts and crafts often fit together, they are very different processes.

Art involves unstructured activities that are explored in your imagination, whereas craftwork usually involves structured activities with a specific goal or end product.

‘When children participate in both arts and crafts, creativity and imagination receive strong stimulation’, states the Americans for the Arts website.

Most toddlers are not self-conscious when enjoying an art or craft session and are rarely focused on creating a finished product. Continue reading →

Toddler’s Play, Learning, Behaviour And Toys!

Aren’t They Just So Cute?

Well pretty much most of the time they are! But your toddler is in a really rapid stage of growth, development and exploration.

Boy & PumpkinToddlers find themselves at a stage where they are starting to understand what you are saying, although they may not have the ability to express themselves verbally by piecing thoughts and words together.

Toddlers are busy absorbing their world and it’s a mighty big and overwhelming world for such a small person. So learning through play is a vitally important part of their development.

You might find that this will be a time when your child has extreme outbursts of foot stomping, body squirming and running rampant! But favourite fun learning toys for toddlers can be useful tools for redirection when tiredness or frustration kicks in. Continue reading →

Sensory Play and Toddler Development

Sensory play allows toddlers to reinforce their learning by stimulating their senses and encouraging them to explore the world around them.

Using their five senses is the most basic and familiar method toddlers can use to investigate andChild & Dandelion discover new information.

Activities which use touch, taste, seeing, smelling and hearing should be regularly encouraged.

Research has shown that nerve connections (neural pathways) are built in the brain’s pathways during sensory play and this level of growth is crucial to a toddler’s ability to complete increasingly more complex tasks. Continue reading →