Play To Learn!


Toddlers learn by using all their senses and play becomes a large part of the process towards learning and development.

Through positive play experiences a toddler will begin to develop a sense of identity, their own abilities and learn to feel good about themselves.

It is important to connect and communicate during playtimes to support your toddler to learn and understand how the world around him works and how he fits into it.

By watching and copying the language and behaviour of the people close to them toddlers will gain a valuable insight into the social and cultural identity of the world they are expected grow up in.

Fun! This is the most important element of being a toddler…

This is what makes your world go around!  If ‘life’ and ‘things’ grab your curiosity and imagination you want more…

Things which make noises, move around, are brightly coloured or if my toys feel different, smooth, rough, wet or fuzzy?

Anything different or unusual, something I can chase or throw or climb!

Experiences that test me and all my senses and capabilities, both mental and physical.

These are games and stories and experiences that I want to repeat over and over again!

As long as I have an adult present to keep me safe!

And answer my constant questioning


Repetition is a crucial part of a toddler’s developmental process.

So be aware that if your toddler enjoys a particular experience you will likely have to support numerous repeats of the same song, story or TV program.

This consistency and continuity is a vital reassurance of the safety and security of understanding their part of the world.

‘The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.’ 

— O. A. Battista


Happy Hunting through the leading Toddler’s Top Toys!

As always, have fun with your toddler…  Sue  🙂