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5 Ways To Encourage Your Toddler’s Confidence

I was enjoying a sunny day walking around the park and stopped to watch the ducks.

Sitting on the bench with my eyes closed savouring the peace and quiet thinking what to cook from dinner, when I was interrupted by two small boys with their moms in tow.

Toddler feeding ducksListening to the parenting styles of the two moms who were clearly good friends, it was surprising to me that they had such differing opinions on the level of responsibility each allowed their own toddler.

One boy was allowed to stand near to the edge of the lake and throw bread for the ducks.

His mom explained carefully where to stand, how to stay safe and encouraged him to enjoy himself. Whilst staying close and watching over him.

Whereas her friend was very worried and negative, telling her son not to do this or that and wouldn’t allow him near the water.

He became so panicked that he kept saying that he didn’t like ducks and could he go home? Continue reading →

Ravensburger: Travel Far; My First Puzzle Set

Price:  £5.49

Age Range:  18 months upwards

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  22.8 x 20.2 x 5 cm

My Rating:  4.75  of 5*

“Awesome jigsaws for tiny hands!”Ravensburger Travel Puzzle Set

Your toddler can build up their matching and sorting skills from a 2-piece puzzle through to 5 pieces with these bright and colourful puzzles.

Building up matching and sorting skills and confidence using clear visual clues in the bold, friendly images of a green steam train, an orange tractor, a little yellow car and a red double decker bus.

This box set features 1 x 2-piece, 1x 3-piece, 1 x 4-piece and 1 x 5-piece puzzles made from strong premium grade cardboard, with a linen finish to minimise glare on the puzzle image.

 “Great price, high-quality product!”

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