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Fine Motor Development

Which Skill:   Fine Motor: Hand /Eye Co-ordination.

What are they?child & building bricks1

Fine motors skills are the movements that your child makes with their hands.

These movements are made using the small muscles of the fingers and thumb in coordination with the eyes.

Your child will have been refining these hand-eye developmental skills since starting to grasp onto items as a baby.

Why are they important?

As a toddler, fine motor skills will develop further as movement becomes more stable and independent.

These skills will become further integrated with the increasing development of social / emotional and cognitive skills.

How do you develop them?

Encouraging fine motor skills development in your toddler will give significant support for their ability to perform everyday tasks, as well as their future academic performance.

Age appropriate development of fine motor skills will have a positive impact on social interactions in family life and within peer relationships.

What are they commonly used for?Hand & crayons

To become increasingly efficient at using their fine motor skills capabilities your toddler will need to regularly practice a variety of different activities.

Activities which include Fine Motor Skills

Self care skills – Brushing hair, cleaning teeth, toileting. Using cutlery, opening lids on tubs and bottles or lunch boxes. Dressing – buttons, zips, shoe laces, buckles, belts.

Play/academic skills  – Bricks, puzzles, train tracks, sorting and matching beads or other small objects; IT use… mouse, stylus; colouring, scribbled, drawing, writing, scissors and cutting.

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