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Gross Motor Development

Which Skill: Gross Motor: Large Physical Mobility.

What are they?Boy, Teddy, Steps

Gross motor skills are the movements that your child makes using their arms, legs and whole body.

Babies begin developing these skills when learning to hold their head up and managing move into a sitting position.

Once a toddler realises that they are capable of moving independently, they tend to be difficult to keep still!

Why are they important?

The large physical movements needed to develop gross motor skills are ones that your toddler will delight in accomplishing.

But this little whirlwind is on a creative journey and channelled into appropriate activities this constant movement can be an extremely important foundation for future growth and development.

How do you develop them?Boy & Pumpkin

Running, walking, standing, jumping, sitting upright for meals, all these activities will help to strengthen larger body muscles (core stabilising).

Encourage any type of ball play (catching, throwing, kicking) which also supports hand-eye coordination.

What are they commonly used for?

If the development of these physical skills is encouraged and supported this will give confidence to your child to continue safely attempting new experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Activities which include Gross Motor Skills

Pulling, pushing, crawling, marching, rolling, throwing, hopping or bouncing a ball.

Riding a scooter or bike, swimming, dancing or climbing will all benefit positive gross motor skills development.

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