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From Baby To A Toddler!

Dad swimming baby Relish the joy of parenthood as you watch your baby grow up!

You can clearly see that raising her is getting more challenging!

Every day she learns more about the world and how to cope in it.

Not to mention, she is busy proving that she has a mind of her own!

Parenthood can be stressful!

Although it can bring some of the best perks you can imagine, the fun, the growth and the love.Toddler in woods

It can bring also more than its fair share of hard-work and frustration.

Positive parenting involves everything from being patient to setting limits.

It isn’t always about what we teach and actively join in.

Just as importantly, being a parent should also involve taking a backseat and simply encouraging and enjoying our toddler’s curiosity in their imaginative pursuits.

Go with the flow…

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Archer Trading Foldable Tabletop Easel

Double Sided, Magnetic Chalkboard and Whiteboard EaselArcher Trading Tabletop Easel


Price:  £39.99   NOW  £25.99

Age Range:  3 years and up

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  45.8 x 34.8 x 5.6cm

My Rating:  4.75 *


    An excellent easel when space is limited!

This multi-purpose beech wood easel can be used on its stand, flat on the floor or on a table and is the ideal choice if space is limited. Along with the easel this package includes, 2 x erasers, 1 x paper roll, 1 x storage bag, 10pcs chalks, 25pcs magnetic shape blocks, magnetic alphabets, magnetic numbers and 15pcs pattern template paper cards.

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