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Toddlers and Shopping

Whilst in the supermarket yesterday, I heard a tired sounding mom asking her howling toddler, ‘Why are you making shopping so difficult today?’

Toddlers don’t realise that shopping has to be done and… ‘NO’, mom can’t leave you behind at home to carry on playing with your new truck. Oh, and then we have to collect your sister from school.  Aaargh!

Boy with toy carWhen life starts to intrude on the idea that his ‘universe’ should revolve entirely around him, this is the time that your toddler should start to learn about consequences.

Although at this age we normally call it – sharing.

If I let Jonny play with my truck, then I might get a ‘go’ with his new football?

Yes, sharing normally begins as a very self-serving skill. This is not a problem as long as parents play fair and share equally too.

Sharing is usually a good method of distraction.

With young children it’s more acceptable to them, if both parties have something to be ‘swopped’. Continue reading →